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Endowments & Memorials

Endowments & Memorials

Virgil Auen Endowment

Dr. John Black Memorial Fund

Patrick M. Burkett Memorial Fund

Van Desrocher Memorial Fund

Larry P. Fleschner Memorial Fund


Donations in memory of:

James David Howard Atkinson by Marjorie Anshutz

Bruce Brentlinger by The Bruce & Nancy Brentlinger Foundation

Ron Allender by Faye Cowan

Jane Alexander by Linda & James Daugherty

Jack Barnett by Kay Barnett

Joshua Brehm by Sylvia Oster

Della DeWitt by Sheri Mullin

Robert Clayton Doty by Edith Doty

Carol Crawford by Joesph B. Card, Bonita Good, Sherry Lamb, Martha Layton, Jean Mausel, and Susan Welch

Delores Gotshall, Family & Friends by Kathy Gotshall

Lydia Laska by Cathie Laska

Bill & Bettie MacMorran by Lowell & Tracy Houpt

Valerie Marietta by Kathy Mahalek

Joyce Meisel by Dr. Meisel

Patty Price by Friends of Patty

Bill Rhoads & Rose Hill by Larry & Gayle Lisman

Nancy Hanks by Linda Headley

Patty Salter by Stephanie Salter

Mike Rendaci by Betty Mooney

Jack Malone by John Malone

Jim Muciarelli & Annabelle Noblitt by John Muciarelli

Sue Ellen Hartman Warner by Dr. John Warner

We are thankful to all who

continue to support our mission by making donations

in honor of or in memory of loved ones.

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