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To provide integrative health education and house clinical partners, combining the best of modern medicine and complementary care.


The Maple Center for Integrative Health envisions optimal wellness for the Wabash Valley Community by offering mind-body-spirit education and therapies.


The Maple Center, Inc. began in 2004 in Terre Haute, Indiana to serve Terre Haute and the surrounding Wabash Valley. We are dedicated to providing integrative health consultations for all ages and to providing educational programs to empower and enrich men and women alike. The Maple Center has created a place where individuals and their families find a listening ear and a caring heart.

Created as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, The Maple Center's mission continues to be to assist individuals and families in optimizing their health and their quality of lives through high quality and accessible Integrative Health options. Vital to this mission is our dedication to provide a respectful partnership between the client and the health care provider.

Educating patients is essential to improving health in our community. It is well documented and supported by research that an educated patient is better able to manage personal health care and crisis situations. It is difficult for patients to do as instructed by their care givers when they do not understand much of what is happening to their bodies or minds in the midst of illness, pregnancy or other acute or chronic conditions. One of the first steps in empowering patients to take an involved and proactive role in their health care is to educate them and The Maple Center does exactly that through ongoing program opportunities and the Dr. John Black Memorial Resource Library.

The Maple Center, Inc. complies with the Internal Revenue Service's tax-exempt public inspection requirements by making our 990 forms available to review upon request.


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